Revealing the weird and wonderful items recycled in Milton Keynes

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The strangest items the council has ever recieved at their recycling factory in Old Wolverton over the last few years havebeen revealed.

This week is national recycle week and as part of the ‘unusual suspects’ theme, here is a list of the strangest items recycled in MK:

- Ashes (which were passed to the Crematorium)

- A machete

- An air rifle

- A 1896 Martini Carbine rifle from the Crimean war

- A hand grenade (minus the fuse)

- Deer skin (minus the deer)

- Several dead badgers

- Deep fat fryers with the fat still inside

- Numerous gun cartridges

- An estimated 425 tonnes of nappy waste

The materials recovery facility was built in 1993 and is one of the largest of its kind in the UK and inside the factory pink sack waste is sorted and separated using a variety of technologies.