Review into grass cutting reveals council mistakes

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MILTON Keynes Council has admitted mistakes have been made regarding grass cutting across the city.

The revelation came to light at a council review of the grass cutting policy last night.

The sudden onset of wet weather was thought to have been a contributory factor as to why work had been delayed in some areas and Cabinet will now receive recommendations set out by the Environment and Transport Select Committee.

But it was revealed last night that a first scheduled grass cut of the year had been postponed during a dry spell in Easter.

Despite previous enquiries from this newspaper following complaints from residents living in areas including Bletchley, Fishermead and Newport Pagnell asking why the grass had been allowed to grow so long, the council had not previously mentioned this postponement – instead planting the blame firmly on the wet weather.

Mick Legg, councillor for the Denbigh ward, first asked for the review and his request was agreed by the planning group for the select committee.

He said: “The meeting was very positive. It was an open and honest exchange of views and the council held their hands up and admitted mistakes were made, they didn’t point the finger of blame at anyone.

“A further review will now take place and go in front of Cabinet at the next convenient meeting. There will be a further report in November and the council will look to consult other authorities to see if they have suffered the same problems.

“The council is around three or four days behind schedule, but we now need to see how we can move forward and provide the best service for people in the city.”

The council schedules 10 annual cuts no matter the length of the grass. However, during the Easter Bank Holiday – as Milton Keynes enjoyed a spell of warmer weather – the first cut of the year was postponed.

Soon after the wet weather arrived causing grassy areas to grow at a faster rate and also making it more difficult for machinery to get out and cut.

Milton Keynes Citizen attempted to get a response from the ruling Tory administration today, but had not received a reply at the time of publication.