Reward offered for return of parrot

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THE owner of a missing African Grey Congo parrot is offering a reward for the safe return of his pet.

Billy flew out of owner Taygen Kelleher’s Coffee Hall home on April 3 and has not been seen since.

The parrot is described as a Congo version of the African Grey parrot which means he is grey in body with a distinctive red tail. He has a small amount of feather loss on his head which looks like he has a dip in his feathers.

Taygen said: “He was a new addition to the family and wasn’t used to new people touching him.

“He is only semi-tame and does bite quite a lot. He was not clipped and was due to be microchipped.”

Billy has been described as a fantastic talker so people are being asked to listen out for the bird as he may repeat his own name.

Taygen said: “I am desperate to be reunited with him. He is my grumpy but awesome friend. There is an undisclosed reward for his safe return.”

Anyone with information on Billy’s whereabouts can call Taygen on 07947 586141.