Ride on lawn mower theft cuts deep for gardener

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A landscape gardener is appealing for help to trace his £6,000 ride on lawn mower after it was stolen at the weekend.

Neil Harper awoke on Saturday morning to discover his Kubota G21 lawn mower had been taken from outside his neighbour’s house in Shenley Church End.

Given the size of the lawn mower, and because it was parked outside, police are investigating the incident as theft of a motor vehicle.

“I normally park it in my neighbour’s garage, but because his car was in the way, I decided to leave it by the side of the house this time,” said Mr Harper, who uses the lawn mower every week as part of his Shenley Garden Maintenance business.

“I should be out cutting grass this week but I can’t and don’t know what to tell people yet. The police say there is not much chance of finding it.”

The lawn mower is thought to have been stolen at around 5am on Saturday, around the time that Neil’s pregnant wife, Sarah, says she heard a lot of commotion outside.

“We didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now it makes sense that they were taking it,” added Mr Harper.

“They didn’t seem to do a particularly good job of it – they pushed it through a hedge and there are drag marks where they pulled the thing, because they didn’t start it.

“I can’t push it on my own so there must have been a few of them to do it. They must have been organised.

“It is the biggest piece of equipment I own and I can’t do this job without it. But I’ll have to try and work something out. Hopefully someone will spot it and report it.”