Ring is found in the laundry bin

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ZOE Maddigan is the happiest woman in the world – after restaurant staff found her precious engagement ring.

Zoe, of Shenley Church End, lost the ring just before Christmas after visiting the Silk Road restaurant.

She had put it down while washing her hands and forgot to pick it up again.

In a bizarre accident staff swept the ring up with the table linen and it was thrown in the laundry bin. Zoe frantically called staff at Silk Road but the ring was not found until a week later.

An appeal for the owner of the ring to come forward had featured in our sister paper Citizen First, which Zoe initially missed because she was on holiday.

But when she got back Zoe saw the story, which showed restaurant manager Samad holding the ring, and immediately got in touch.

After proving she was the rightful owner of the ring, valued at around £3,000, it was presented to her by Hamid Ali, the member of staff who found the ring and handed it to management.

Zoe said: “I am so happy to have my ring back. I thought it was lost forever and I was devastated. I cannot thank the Silk Road’s honest staff for handing it in and giving me back something very precious to me.”

As another surprise the Silk Road restaurant will be treating Zoe and her husband Paul to a complimentary meal on Valentine’s Day.