Rise in number of child rapes reported


The number of child rape offences has risen in the Thames Valley Police area.

The number recorded for the 12 month period up until March last year has risen by 58, from 168 to 226, according to latest figures released by the Rape Monitoring Group.

In terms of the number of child rapes recorded per 100,000 child population, the Force is still the eighth lowest in England and Wales.

Along with the rise in number of recorded cases, the sanction detection rate has dropped three per cent to 29 per cent.

Meanwhile the number of adult rape offences reported in the Thames Valley Police area has dropped.

The number of offences recorded for the 12 months to the end of March 2013 was 286, which was down 11 on the figures for 2012, giving Thames Valley the ninth lowest number of offences.

Northamptonshire Police has the highest number of adult rapes recorded per 100,000 adult population.

The no-crime rate – those crimes that are recorded but then declassified – has also declined from 10 per cent down to eight per cent.