Road improvement work continues at B&Q roundabout

Civic Offices
Civic Offices

Work is currently being carried out on a number of areas in Bletchley to improve the roads and reduce congestion.

In the next few weeks, due to start Feb 20, work will be be carried out on the B&Q Junction at the intersection of Saxon Street and Watling Street.

This will involve creating an additional lane through the junction and remodelling the two roundabouts.

This will improve the flow of traffic from Central MK into Bletchley and into Watling Street east in the direction of the Beacon Roundabout near Tesco. Access to the retail units in this area will not be affected and the work will be undertaken out of peak hours and some at night so that disruption is minimised.

Congestion and delays have been an ongoing problem at this junction for many years and now that the Granby Roundabout works - where a new fourth arm was built in 2011 - is operating satisfactorily the work at this junction can go ahead.

This will be followed closely by work to the junction of Sherwood Drive and Buckingham Road, where a larger single roundabout will replace the existing mini-roundabouts and improvements will be made for pedestrians.

Councillor John Bint, Cabinet Member responsible for Transport said: “We have responded positively to what people have said through the consultation for the Bletchley Transport Strategy and the Local Transport Plan which was adopted in 2011.

“The council is committed to reducing delays and congestion at these two important junctions in Bletchley. I would like to apologise in advance for any disruption these works will cause, however small”.