Road name rage: Council urged to do a u-turn


A councillor has criticised the decision not to name a new close of bungalows in West Bletchley after a Saint.

Councillor Martin Gowans has called on MK Council to do a u-turn on choosing to name the new area Heals Close - making it the only road in the Saints estate not to be name after a Saint.

Mr Gowans said: “Not sure what has gone wrong here.

“Every estate in the city is named after a common theme - the Saints estate is named after Saints!”

In the same estate there is the St. Thomas Aquina’s school and St. Andrews church. The last new close built on the estate around five years ago was called St. Augustine’s.

Mr Gowans says he wants to call the close of OAP bungalows after the patron saint of older people, which is St. Anthony of Padua.

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