Roads in Milton Keynes crack and melt due to repair '˜failures'

Roads repaired by council contractors are cracking up and MELTING after just a few days, residents have complained.

Thursday, 22nd June 2017, 10:03 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd June 2017, 10:05 am

They claim the new tarmac put down by private firm Ringway is proving not fit for purpose.

“The road outside my house was resurfaced in May. Within two days cracks and mini-potholes were appearing,” said one householder who lives in Newport Pagnell’s Linford Avenue.

“Now, a few weeks on, the road is looking terrible. There’s so many holes that it’s almost impossible to count.”

To make matters worse the black tarry substance does not appear to have set properly, claims the householder.

“It melts off on car tyres and even shoes when you walk on it. I have black marks all over my driveway,” she said.

Newport Pagnell Town council has confirmed it has received similar complaints from residents living in other parts of the town.

“We believe the council contractors are using anew substance and it takes a while to get properly embedded,” said a spokesman.

Ringway is paid up to £20million a year to maintain city roads.

Recently MK Council upgraded its highway specification to ensure materials used are “more robust” and seal the road surface.

A council spokesman said they were aware of “localised failures” in some areas.

“Our highways service provider is aware of the issues on this section of road, which are known as ‘localised failures’ on the carriageway. This could happen for a number of reasons.”

The Linford Avenue resident complained to MK Council on May 3, saying the newly resurfaced road was a “complete mess”. She has not heard anything back.

In 2014 the council announced a £50million investment programme for city roads. It was the largest road repair scheme the council had ever undertaken.