Rob has a mind for Maths

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It’s all starting to add up at Bedford Free School with the appointment of Maths teacher Rob Smith.

Rob, 27, says maths is a “beautiful and fascinating” subject and hopes his enthusiasm and expertise will help the young minds at the school to flourish in a subject which is essential in future job markets

Principal Designate Mark Lehain, himself a Maths teacher, said: “A recent report said there was a skills gap of 4,500 technical jobs in engineering, science and medicine - all those jobs need a good basis in mathematics education. With Rob’s help we plan to make sure our pupils can do more than arithmetic and algebra in class.

Rob, who is getting married to school sweetheart Hannah in the summer holidays comes from Olney, lives in Yardley Hastings and currently teaches at Ousedale School in Newport Pagnell. He is looking forward to life in the Free School which he thinks has the right formula for success.

Bedford Free School is opening in Cauldwell Street, Bedford in September 2012 and is the first of this new kind of state school to be opened in the area.