Robber jailed for ten years after stabbing two victims

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A SERIAL robber who stabbed two people has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Reece Twena, 19, from Granby Court, Granby, hospitalised one man and stole two phones during three robberies carried out over the last two months.

He pleaded guilty on Thursday at Aylesbury Crown Court to two counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery.

The first happened on a bus travelling through Coffee Hall at 3.45pm on November 12. Twena got on the bus and sat directly behind a 17-year-old boy before typing a message on his own phone that read ‘give me your phone before you get off the bus or you will be stabbed’ and handed it to the victim, who gave it back.

Twena then repeated his threat verbally and the victim handed over the phone.

In the second incident, at 8.20am on December 3, Twena demanded a 21-year-old man’s phone as he walked down the V4 Watling Street, Bletchley.

The victim tried to fight back and hit Twena, who then stabbed him twice in the stomach. Nothing was stolen but the victim’s rib was broken and he had his intestine damaged which required surgery.

The third incident took place at 3pm on December 4, again on a bus which was travelling from Central Milton Keynes. As the bus came towards Peartree bridge, Twena demanded a 19-year-old man’s phone, before trying to stab him cutting his leg.

Twena stole two mobile phones but was then restrained by members of the public and dropped one. He broke free and got off the bus with the other phone.

Officers arrested Twena and he was subsequently charged on December 6 with the three offences, before pleading guilty at court.

PC Christopher Bigg, from Milton Keynes CID who investigated the incident, said: “I am pleased with the sentence handed out to Twena, which reflects the seriousness of his offences and the completely unnecessary and over the top violence he used.

“I would like to thank the members of the public who tried to restrain Twena on the bus and who gave up their time to carry out ID procedures and give statements. This meant we were able to prove Twena was responsible very quickly and he is now behind bars.

“I trust the speed of this investigation and the length of the sentence handed down by the court will show other would-be robbers that we are determined to catch them and will lock them up for a very long time.”