Robert comes Crawling in

Robert Vincent
Robert Vincent

THE ‘pause’ button has been hit during Robert Vincent’s career more times than anyone would wish for, but when music is in the veins, you can’t simply fall out of love with it.

It’s always there, festering.

And so the Liverpool-based singer-songwriter pushed on, and the results of his dedication will be released on August 20th, on the new ep My Pill.

“My Pill is a hard song to explain, only because everyone has their own take on it,” says its author.

“It’s about knowing you want something but also knowing it could be the ruination of you...”

“I’ve done the whole thing of being what people want me to be,” he added, “In the end I just hought I’ve had enough of this...and the funny thing is, the more honest I am the better people like it.”

Robert, who releases his debut album Life in Easy Steps early in 2013, is live at the North Crawley Institute this Saturday evening.

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> Meanwhile, at Xscape on Saturday, hip hop and urban deliveries will come from Alonestar, topping the bill at the Blow Out Festival.

Others set to stage-step during the course of the day include The Wondersmiths Band, Lifford from The Artful Dodger, The Amateurs Band and Ben Whyman.

The family festival will roll from midday to midnight.