Ronnie wants to Paint It Black

The Stones on Stage - Art by Ronnie Wood
The Stones on Stage - Art by Ronnie Wood

FOR more than 50 years Ronnie Wood has lived the rock n roll lifestyle in one of the biggest bands in the world, writes Sammy Jones.

But not content to use only music for his creative output, Ronnie is a pretty awesome artist too – as this piece, ‘Got Me Rocking’ demonstrates.

Now, Rolling Stone Ronnie has unveiled his first collection of fine art for Washington Green, and it goes on display at Castle Galleries in thecentre:mk fron Saturday.

Working on canvas and paper, he paints at full throttle, and with technical prowess.

The performance becomes the picture as Ronnie switches beats and chord structures and the feel of the empowering live show with rhythmic lines, bold colours and oh-so-accurate facial expressions.

But then Ronnie is one of the few who really does know what it feels like to be a part of the phenomenon.

Ronnie’s family were artistic, and by the age of 12, he had been bitten by the bug, going on to train at Ealing College of Art, before stepping out as a muso.

His approach to his craft?

It’s simple: “When I get inspired I get almost possessed and I just have to paint,” he explained.

“Unlike music, it’s a solo effort, there is no one else to blame,” says Ronnie.

“Then again, no one else gets the satisfaction out of it.

“There is no kind of therapy like the one you have from starting and seeing a picture through to the end,” he says.