Roundabout way of changing an old favourite: Milton Keynes Monopoly board ‘should be circular’, says the Prime Minister

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141222-154743001

A hint from the Prime Minister may have prompted a whole new sphere for the Monopoly Board’s Milton Keynes edition.

After being given the game as a Christmas present from MK South MP Iain Stewart, David Cameron has suggested the board should have been made circular.

In a letter thanking Mr Stewart, Mr Cameron said: “Perhaps, though, they should have made the board round to reflect that famous Milton Keynes feature that we all know and recognise – the roundabout.”

After being approached by MK Citizen, the game designers, Winning Moves UK, confirmed they would look into the idea and thanked the Prime Minister for his suggestion.

Graham Barnes said: “We were thrilled that the game appears to have been played by the Prime Minister and his family over the festive period.

“It was a great idea to give as a gift and I am glad they enjoyed it.

“I think his comment was a little tongue in cheek but we are taking his suggestion on board and looking ahead at a new design later this year.

“As it’s only 347 days until Christmas we are already thinking ahead and there may be a tweak to the game in the future!”

The Milton Keynes Monopoly Board was confirmed as one the City’s best sellers this Christmas together with the Selfie Stick.

Mr Stewart said: “I am delighted the Prime Minister is a big fan of the board and MK. Hopefully he managed to get a few games in over Christmas.

“It is such a great and fun way to show off Milton Keynes as a City with a lot to offer.”