Royal Mail blunder an omen for MK Dons fans ahead of Newport trip?

Is Royal Mail blunder an omen for MK Dons fans?
Is Royal Mail blunder an omen for MK Dons fans?

A Royal Mail blunder that confused Newport in Wales with Newport Pagnell in MK could be an omen for the Dons big game tonight.

People in Newport Pagnell and surrounding villages thought they were seeing things when their post was delivered in a brand new mail van signwritten in WELSH.

“Apparently Newport Pagnell was mistaken for Newport Wales when the van was sent here!”, said one.

MK Dons are due to play Newport Wales tonight - and already city fans are speculating that the van blunder will bring them luck.

“It must be a sign that the Dons will get more balls between the POSTS!,” said one fan.

Royal Mail spokesman Val Bodden said: “It does appear that there was a bit of a mix-up when a new Royal Mail van was ordered for ‘Newport.’

“However, we’re glad to say everyone in our Newport Pagnell Delivery Office are very happy with their bilingually branded van and it will now remain part of our collections and delivery fleet in that corner of Buckinghamshire.”

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