Ruck over link up with massage girls

Rugby club strikes deal with hookers for ball sponsorship for biggest game of season

The word hooker took on a whole new meaning for a family-friendly rugby club which unwittingly asked a 'gentleman's massage parlour' to be ball sponsors for the biggest game of the season.

Bosses at Bletchley Rugby Club defended their blunder this week by saying: "We thought it was just sports massage."

And they categorically deny 15 players took advantage of the sexy sponsorship by trooping off for a post-match 'treatment' at Ego Massage, which is part of the city's large House of Divine escort agency.

Yet the micro-blogging site Twitter has a posting after Saturday's match from sex worker 'DivineMK' saying: "Sorry to the rugby team who turned up but 15 does not go into two, well not those two.

"Hope you enjoyed HoD (House of Divine) though".

House of Divine, based at Central Milton Keynes, blatantly offered sex for sale when contacted by undercover reporters.

Chris Goodman, the rugby club's chairman said: "Our players did not visit any prostitutes anywhere as they were all in the clubhouse afterwards. The Twitter thing must be pure fantasy.

"It was a complete misunderstanding and we had no idea the sponsorship was anything to do with sex.

"Ego Massage said they said they were licensed therapists so we assumed it was sports massage and physio stuff."

In fact the Fenny Stratford parlour, based in the Old Coach House off Aylesbury Street, is one of only a couple of establishments in the country to be granted a licence by the council for gentleman's massage - despite strong protest from Fenny traders and residents.

This means it is legal for them to offer on their website 'an irresistible, sensual massage experience' along with 'bespoke stress relief' for 75 an hour.

It is also legal for them to offer, for an added fee, 'naturist massage' with a naked masseur.

A spokesman said: "We are doing nothing wrong. If we offered sex for sale then we would lose our licence.

"But I know our image might not go down well with some people and we didn't mean to upset the rugby club."

The club, which lost the game 34-8, has now vowed not to deal with Ego Massage again.

They will not be invoicing them the 100 'ball sponsorship' fee – the cost of buying the rugby balls for the match.

"We cannot accept their money," said Mr Goodman.