Rude awakening for strikingly heavy sleeper

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A student who SLEPT through a massive bolt of lightning striking his home said this week: “I suppose I’m lucky to be alive.”

Jamie Osborn, 20, only woke up when terrified neighbours – whose TV exploded in the blast – hammered on his door to check he was safe.

“We heard a loud bang and then there was huge flash of blue light. It was so scary,” said Katrina Humphries, who lives two doors away in Powis Lane, Westcroft.

“I could see which house had been hit and I was worried there was people trapped inside. I was banging on the door and shouting for ages.”

Said Jamie: “I heard people shouting and water dripping so I got up.”

The freak lightning bolt, which happened shortly after 11.30am on Tuesday, shattered roof tiles, burst a water pipe and blew the electrics.

Jamie texted his mum, insurance law solicitor Sharon, to tell her what had happened.

“My family always joke about me being able to sleep through anything but they never expected this,” he said.