Rugby World Cup aftermath: ‘Milton Keynes will be just a bit less anonymous in future’

Rugby World Cup at stadium:mk
Rugby World Cup at stadium:mk

Last night’s Rugby World Cup match wasn’t ‘infected by the blandness’ of Milton Keynes, according to a magazine journalist.

In a post-match opinion piece on France v Canada, the deputy editor of the Observer Magazine said fans came alive in stadium:mk - but described the city as the “perfect locale for witness protection”.

Writing for the Guardian, Emma John said: “Milton Keynes seems to be a town designed to avoid conflict.

“You can drive through it without once seeing a house – so you can’t envy your neighbours.

“And with those roundabouts you’re unlikely to engage in road rage, let alone a satisfactory car chase.

“It would offer the perfect locale for witness protection, and perhaps already does, if the number of people who admit to living there is anything to go by.”

Despite Milton Keynes being crowned fastest growing city in the UK this year - and the third most innovative - Ms John believes having the Rugby World Cup just means the city won’t be as anonymous in future.

She said: “Few of the visitors from France and Canada will have seen anything of the town itself.

“They were delivered to the stadium by coaches that took them away again straight after the game.

“Some said they’d heard there wasn’t much reason to stick around.

“But they won’t forget this game. And Milton Keynes will be just a bit less anonymous in future.”

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