Runner prepares for 100 mile race in aid of animal shelter

A 52-year-old runner from Milton Keynes is running her first 100 mile race in Nottinghamshire next month.

Sheila Rose has completed 61 marathons in aid of local and national charities since she changed her life in 2011.

She said: “Back in 2011, having spent most of my life being a 20-a-day smoker, I quit smoking and decided I wanted to do something different with my life and career.

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“I signed up with MK College to do a part time fitness instructor course, while still working in my day job in finance.

“I was the oldest student in the class, I needed to be able to run a 5K as part of my instructor training, so started I running – initially doing my local parkrun.”

Sheila is now training for her next race on September 17, after completing her personal training qualification last year and taking part in Milton Keynes marathons, as part of the MK Lakeside Runners, she has completely turned her life around.

She added: “This run will be my longest, so it will be a massive challenge both physically and mentally.”

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Sheila is running on behalf of Many Tears Animal Rescue, a charity which rehomes 2,500 ex-breeding dogs every year and battles to stop puppy farming.

Avid campainer Sheila, said: “Many Tears are very close to my heart having adopted an ex-stud dog last October, who we sadly lost to lung disease two weeks ago, I really knew nothing of puppy farms at the time.

“These dogs that Many Tears take in from breeders to rehome, would otherwise be put to sleep – some of the stories and conditions of these dogs is heart-breaking.

“I feel compelled to raise awareness of puppy farms and try to help in whatever small way I can.”

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Sheila is appealing for local businesses to support the venture by donating food and animal supplies to the shelter.

For more information about the charity, and to donate to Sheila’s cause, visit: