S.S. Shanty makes a splash

RNLI member Rod Law, picture by Andy Powell
RNLI member Rod Law, picture by Andy Powell

York House Centre and The Cock & Bull Society teamed up to host S.S.Shanty last weekend, which proved a huge success.

The evening of sea-shanties and maritime music was in aid of the RNLI, and a capacity crowd showed out to support the cause.

Music came from 5 Men Not Called Matt and Sloop Groggy Dogs (you see what they’ve done there, don’t you?).

Malcolm Jones performed his shanty on the works of Stony Stratford boat-builder Edward Hayes, and Michele Welborn also took to the stage at the event.

Newly appointed Bard of Stony Stratford Richard Frost took the assembled on a poetic crawl around the town, and the evening raised a fantastic £735.15 for the RNLI and £400 for York House Centre itself.

Well done to all!