Sabotage? Deadly nail found in doggy treat

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A lethal 10cm long nail found embedded in a Wilko’s dog treat has prompted warnings to pet owners all over Milton Keynes.

And it’s sparked fears that an animal-hater could be deliberately sabotaging pet products.

Amanda Webster bought the rawhide bone from the new Wilko’s store at Kingston for her German shepherd Titan.

Luckily she heard his teeth scrap against the metal and snatched the half-eaten chew away in the nick of time. “The sharp end of the rusty nail was poking out. It could have killed him had he swallowed it,” she said.

Like many dog owners, Amanda often gives Titan a chew to occupy him when she is about to go out and leave him alone.

“Thank goodness I was at home. I’m just worried that thousands of other people who buy these chews might not be so lucky.”

Amanda, 23, spent hours trying to call Wilko customer services from her Wolverton home .

“The staff didn’t seem that bothered. They agreed to investigate but they refused to recall the product – which was what I wanted them to do.”

As a result Amanda issued her own warnings via Twitter and Facebook.

Now dog owners are demanding to know whether it could be a case of sabotage.

One said: “It seems unlikely that such a large and rusty nail could have come from the manufacturing machinery. How do we know this is not an act by some disturbed person?”

A Wilko spokesman said: “Our customer services team did immediately escalate the enquiry and we have now launched an urgent investigation.

“ This product is very popular in all our stores and we have had no other incidents of this kind.”