Safari Park new addition is the Pride of Woburn

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Woburn Safari Park has welcomed the latest addition to their lion pride, beautiful two year old Kasanga, who is being primed to take over to top spot as leader.

Kasanga is being introduced to the established hierarchy in the pride, a slow and careful process of introduction, to ensure his own safety, and has already begun exploring his 32 acre reserve.

During his first two months he has been out in the paddock (a 24 hour access area shared by the pride) and the reserve, scent-marking and learning to walk alongside the Landrovers, to get accustomed to traffic. This lengthy process is all in preparation to introduce him to the rest of the group.

Robert White, Team Leader of the carnivores section says: “We are hoping the females will be very receptive to him. The team of keepers has already noticed some definite flirting with Tallulah, one of the females, who was rolling around on her back and rubbing against the pen next to him.

This is really encouraging, and we are hoping he will breed with Tallulah. With a successful introduction and because lions have a short gestation period of only 111 days, a litter of cubs could arrive fairly soon, with between one and five new cubs.”

Woburn Safari Park are hoping that at this especially romantic time of the year, with Valentine’s Day round the corner, that love will blossom between Kasanga and Tallulah and the rest of the feisty female lionesses will begin to welcome him into the pride.

For more information on Kasanga and his introduction to the pride, or photography please contact Fran Pearce on 01179 731173 or by email