Sainsbury’s consulting on plans for a new supermarket in Olney


Plans for a new Sainsbury’s store in Olney have been unveiled, which would provide 160 jobs if it gets the go ahead.

The proposed foodstore will include a new petrol station and give further choice to the 73 per cent of households who currently leave Olney to do their good shop.

The 20,000sq ft shop will not include a restaurant, pharmacy or any clothing or concession space to focus on meeting a main food shopping need in Olney.

Public consultations will be held to give information about the planned works, which would be on former quarry on land at Warrington Road and Lavendon Road and has planning permission for a car showroom, garage and petrol station.

A variety of roles would be created, which would be supported by a training programme that provides nationally recognised and job related qualifications.

The new Sainsbury’s will incorporate some of the latest green initiatives to reduce energy consumption, which include on-site renewable energy generation, roof lights to maximise natural daylight and recycling rainwater.

“We are very keen to bring increased and more convenient shopping choice to the community of Olney,” said Sainsbury’s Town Planning Manager, David Lazenby.

“We know that a significant proportion of local residents travel out of the town for their main food shopping.

“Our proposed new store would help to save people time and money by allowing them to do more shopping locally and, in doing so, create more opportunities for people to visit and shop in Olney town centre.

“However, we are very keen to understand the views of local people before finalising a scheme and submitting a planning application.”

Sainsbury’s is consulting on the plans for a new store, with information being posted to all local households and businesses. Public exhibitions will be held at the Olney Centre on Friday, July 4 (2pm to 7pm) and Saturday, July 5 (10am to 2pm).

Members of Sainsbury’s development team will be on hand at the exhibitions to discuss the proposals and answer any questions. Comments forms will be provided so that visitors can give feedback.

Please contact the Sainsbury’s community information line on 0845 603 9924 for further information.