Sainsbury’s launches Wells Challenge

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Sainsbury’s has launched The Wells Challenge, a bold new initiative which aims to highlight the important role pharmacists have to play in improving the nation’s health.

Jennie Wells and her five year old son, James, from Milton Keynes, Nick Wells and his wife Linda from Leighton Buzzard, and Jason Wells and his wife Jessica from Bedford are three of ten families – all with the surname Wells – who have been selected to take part in the Challenge and tasked to improve their health over 12 months with the help of their local Sainsbury’s pharmacist.

The Wells Challenge will see each family paired with their local pharmacist who will provide key day-to-day health and wellbeing services such as flu vaccines, blood pressure and cholesterol testing, healthy eating and allergy advice.

Jennie Wells has been paired with Sainsbury’s Milton Keynes pharmacist, Barbara Hewer, Nick Wells has been paired with Sainsbury’s Dunstable pharmacist, Bakang Oniye and Jason Wells has been paired with Bedford pharmacist, Comfort green. All three pharmacists will support their family throughout 2012.

The initiative is being measured independently by think tank 2020health. 2020health researchers will work with Sainsbury’s pharmacists to analyse and evaluate the data that will be tracked as part of the Challenge and will use the results to write a recommendations report.

Jennie Wells from Milton Keynes said: “I’m really excited to be a part of The Wells Challenge as I know, like so many others, that I could be healthier. I’m looking forward to talking to our Sainsbury’s pharmacist about losing weight and eating more healthily over the course of the Challenge. I also suffer with a number of minor ailments which I’d like advice on, including sensitive skin. My son, James, is five years old and has recently started school, so I’ll also be looking for advice on how to keep his immune system strong.”

Nick Wells from Leighton Buzzard said: “My wife and I are keen to make steps to a healthier lifestyle, especially as I am now approaching retirement. In particular, I would like to use the advice of our Sainsbury’s pharmacist to help achieve certain goals such as stopping smoking. I would also like advice on boosting my immune system through vitamin supplements.”

Jason Wells, husband of Jessica Wells said: “Both myself and my wife, Jessica, are looking to understand more about our current health, and how we can change our daily routines to make noticeable improvements. I travel a lot with my work so often find it difficult to eat healthily but I’m hoping that visits to my Sainsbury’s pharmacist will motivate me to make positive changes. Jessica is looking for advice on how to boost her immune system and keep healthy throughout her pregnancy.”

Chris Perrington, Sainsbury’s Pharmacy Superintendent said: “Sainsbury’s believes that good advice from an in-store pharmacy can improve a family’s health. With more people relying on their pharmacist and pharmacy services as an alternative to the doctor, we are really excited to be launching The Wells Challenge, which will endeavour to show that customers working with a Sainsbury’s pharmacist to make simple changes to their daily life can improve their health measurably.”