Salt Cave holding open day to celebrate international event

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The Salt Cave is having an Open Day on November 14 to celebrate World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Day.

The Salt Cave has enjoyed some unbelievable success in treating COPD patients allowing COPD sufferers to ‘enjoy life again’, without the hindrance of being constantly out of breath and living in fear of picking up a cold or a chest infection.

The beauty of salt therapy is, unlike many other COPD treatments, it is completely drug-free; the tiny salt particles in the air, which can reach the deepest part of the lung, clean respiratory system allowing patients to breathe more easily. There are no unpleasant side-effects.

Organisers of the Open Day now want to use World COPD Day as a platform to show others what salt therapy can do for them. So the doors of the Salt Cave are being thrown open and everyone is invited along to experience salt therapy for themselves.

This year’s theme “It’s Not Too Late.” This positive message was chosen to emphasize the meaningful actions people can take to improve their respiratory health, at any stage before or after a COPD diagnosis.

COPD sufferer, Clara Buffong, who makes weekly homage’s to the Salt Cave, thinks the World COPD Open Day is a fantastic idea, as more people should be taking advantage of the treatment like she does.

Clara said: “The Salt Cave changed my life. Before I visited the Salt Cave I was on lots of antibiotics and steroids, none of which made me feel much better. I was basically confined to my house, and hated to be around people as my breathing was so noisy.

“However, this has now changed thanks to salt therapy. I know I will never get completely better, but the Salt Cave lets me live again and manage my illness in a way that I can enjoy my life again. When I walk out of the Salt Cave I feel high on life. I call it my heaven on earth.”