Salvation Army ready to support victims of modern slavery following raid in Milton Keynes


The Salvation Army is available to support victims of modern slavery following this week’s raid in Milton Keynes to tackle a case of suspected modern slavery.

All potential victims of modern slavery in England and Wales are offered specialist support through The Salvation Army as part of a Government contract to help start them on the long road to recovery.

Kathryn Taylor, from The Salvation Army’s Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Unit, said: “The Salvation Army is ready to receive and support anyone who is identified as a potential victim of modern slavery from the raid in Milton Keynes yesterday. If needed, we will be available to provide support and immediate assistance to any potential victims.

“It is vital that all victims of modern slavery are given the opportunity to reflect on their experience in a safe and supportive environment, and to gain access to the assistance they so desperately need and deserve.

“All potential adult victims are offered support from The Salvation Army under a Government contract and should they wish to receive the assistance, then they will receive immediate access to specialised support, such as counselling, interpretation services, legal and immigration advice, medical and financial assistance and safe house accommodation if needed.

She added: “We provide effective support ranging from intensive 24/7 assistance and accommodation for those in the first stages of recovery or those with high-level needs, to outreach support for those living in independent accommodation. If needed, victims are safely delivered away from any danger areas to receive the care they need to help transform their lives and start them on the long road to recovery.

“We are working with Thames Valley Police and other partners and are grateful for the proactive approach that has to been taken by all involved as we work together to help stamp out this horrendous trade in human lives.”

If you are in England or Wales and consider yourself to be a potential victim of modern slavery or suspect someone you have come into contact with may be a victim of modern slavery please call The Salvation Army’s 24-hour confidential referral helpline on 0300 303 8151 to refer someone or seek advice.

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