Samaritan saved me from snow death

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A MAN who was found face down in the snow, days before Christmas is desperately searching for the Good Samaritan who found him so he can say thank you.

The last thing Norman Griffin can remember was falling in the deep snow as he walked from his home in Bletchley, close to St Clements Drive to get his morning newspaper on Wednesday, December 22.

He came round to find he was being loaded into an ambulance which a passer-by had called.

He has no idea how long he had been out cold for.

Mr Griffin suffers from a poor short term memory as a result of a car crash in Florida in 1998 in which his wife Della was killed.

They were put on life support machines, but unfortunately Della passed away from injuries she received on that day.

His injuries left Mr Griffin having to constantly make notes for important events so he doesn’t forget things.

But his memories of the man who helped him are clear.

He said: “I remember walking along but I couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment I fell because it was all so quick.

I have brusing and marks on both of my wrists so I think I may have put my hands out to cushion the fall after I slipped.

“I honestly can’t think how else I would have done it but I was out cold and left for dead.

“I could have been there for hours or just a matter of minutes but the man who found me obviously made a call to the emergency services and they came and took me into hospital.”

One thing Mr Griffin was sure of though was the treatment he received at the hospital after he had been admitted there.

He said: “I was in Milton Keynes Hospital and a little unsure of myself and the staff in the ward were I was were absolutely brilliant.

“They wanted me to be in overnight but I really didn’t want to stay so I left but before I did I asked the nurse her name so I could publicly thank her for her treatment of me while I was in the hospital.

“Julie Lockwood was her name and I was so grateful for her help and her manner in treating me which were both fantastic.”

He added: “Even if I don’t get to see my rescuer again I want them to know that they saved my life that day.

“So if they are out there and they are reading this then thank you very much, you should be proud of yourself for thinking quickly and calling the emergency services when you did.”

If you know anything about the incident or remember seeing Mr Griffin on the day then call the editorial newsdesk on 01908 372279 or email