Savile nephew’s sex shame past

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A city businessman who is the nephew of Jimmy Savile has a sordid history of sexually abusing a young girl, the Citizen can reveal.

Former nightclub owner Michael Johnson was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to five counts of assualting a 14-year-old.

It is not known whether ‘Uncle Jimmy’, who was the brother of Mr Johnson’s mother, was aware of the conviction or not.

Even Mr Johnson’s own wife was unaware until the couple divorced and launched a custody battle for their child.

“Social services carried out an assessment and to my horror their report revealed Michael had gone to prison in 1986, before I knew him, for sexual offences against a child,” said 54-year-old Karen Davison, who lives in Loughton.

The couple, who lived together in a £700,000 house in Little Linford, had visited Jimmy Savile together during their marriage.

“Uncle Jimmy always gave me the creeps,” said Karen. “Once he kept asking me to sit on his knee and he was grabbing me. It was disgusting.”

Mr Johnson, 67, and the rest of his family made the decision to take down Jimmy Savile’s memorial headstone after the sexual allegations poured in about the star.

In a family statement they said they were “reeling” with shock about their uncle’s past.

Said Karen: “I know the feeling. I was reeling with shock when I found out about my husband’s past.”

Mr Johnson is a director of city property company. He once ran the Talk of the Town nightclub at The Point.

He insists he told his wife the details of his past when they met.

He told the Citizen: “As a member of the Jimmy Savile family, I too shared their feelings of disappointment and was appalled at the level of allegations made toward him after his recent death.

“This has been a burden for me and my own immediate family since that time and I have had to deal with the circumstances and devastating affects in my social domestic and business life and notwithstanding the more devastating affects on those that have been victims of Jimmy Savile.

“My and my family burden now continues, in having to prepare this statement which refers to my own past of nearly 30 years ago when I served a 2.5 year sentence for a sexual offence against a 14 year old female. I cannot stress my own self disgust and shame together with the huge sorrow I have for that person.

“Since my release I have been properly rehabilitated and with my forgiving family, have continued to live my life socially and from a business perspective, to the best of my ability whilst attempting to draw an underscore in that period of my life.

“I sincerely hope that I am allowed to continue my life in peace in the community and not have to face the traumas of the past anymore and the family connection with Jimmy Savile which has devastated us, and those who admired him, prior to the allegations of the past.