Scatter hunters go VW crazy

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MEMBERS of the Roundabout VW Club got together at the weekend for a great annual tradition.

The Scatter Hunt has been held for the past three years with drivers of old school Volkswagen Beetles and Campervans meeting to take part in an event which raises funds for charity.

The rules require entrants to visit six locations from a list of 10 and answer 10 questions at each destination.

Competitors then have to race back to the final meeting point in Olney where they have their question papers marked.

Member Marc Little said: “The most important rule of the scatter hunt is that there is no organised route and that all the competitors visit the destinations at random.

“People have said over the previous years that the hunt has been very enjoyable and has opened their eyes to the places around them that they wouldn’t normally notice.”

The club is yet to total the amount raised from this year’s event but is hoping to beat the £100 it raised for Brad’s Cancer Foundation last year.