School ‘bunk man’ in love tangle with up to six women

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The council officer in charge of the welfare of city schoolchildren has confessed to cheating on his girlfriend with up to SIX other women.

Education welfare officer Nik Maynard told Take a Break magazine: “I’m not the type of guy who has steak and chips every night. I want to have my cake and eat it.”

But despite his tangled love life, he has kept his job. Council bosses have spoken to him but believe his professional ability is not affected by his personal life.

Nik’s former girlfriend Lisa was persuaded to tell her story to the best-selling magazine.

She told how she met the 54-year-old in a pub and had a relationship with him for more than two years.

Nik, a keen birdwatcher who leads a local RSPB group, began acting strangely and Lisa checked his phone.

She told Take a Break: “Nothing could have prepared me for what I found. At least six other women were sending Nick (sic) provocative messages.

“One woman had texted: ‘Miss you babe. Can’t wait to see you when you get back’... Another one had said: ‘I love you too big boy’. It felt as though I’d been punched in the stomach.”

After Lisa confronted Nik the couple split up . She told Take a Break she was “heartbroken”.

Nik told the magazine: “I don’t feel guilt about the way Lisa found out because she looked at my phone. At the beginning she never asked me the relevant question: ‘Are you sleeping with other women?” She never asked, I never gave her that info.

“ I told Lisa I loved her because I do. She’s a wonderful person.”