School children enjoy Cool Milk assembly

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Children from The Webber Independent School enjoyed a special ‘Cool Milk’ assembly on Tuesday.

It was all part of a national initiative designed to promote the benefits of little ones getting their daily quota of milk.

The children watched a presentation by well-known TV presenter, Bob Goulding, before exercising their lungs and vocal chords by learning the ‘Milk Shake’ song and putting on an impressive performance for teachers.

Milk provides nutrients essential for strong healthy bones and teeth, containing more than half a child’s calcium intake and a third of their protein requirements. It has long been reported that drinking milk is a fantastic source of hydration and essential for aiding the concentration and attention of young minds throughout the day.

Principal, Sue Vig said: “It is important that children learn from a young age the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the impact their diet has on their ability to be successful in class. It is wonderful to see our “Little GEMS” and early years children engaging with an interactive assembly and really enjoying discovering new things.”

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