School could produce next politician

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CITY school Lord Grey could produce the future Prime Minister or Chancellor of the Exchequer.

A group of sixth formers from the school, who have eyes on Westminster and Whitehall, invited MP Iain Stewart to share some tips with them on how to make their career ambitions a reality.

In addition to having passion and determination, the politically engaged students were told by the MP to look for internships as these offer a practical route into this career choice.

The students were also encouraged to volunteer their time and skills in community projects because of the soft skills that they will gain.

Afterwards, sixth former Jessica Glass said: “I would love to go into politics eventually and Iain’s visit helped me see how I can make that dream a reality. Iain was so easy to talk to and really made an effort to answer all of our questions”

Mr Stewart said: “Meeting young people is an important and enjoyable part of my role as MP. I am encouraged by the passion and aspiration of these students and have no doubt that they will succeed in whatever career choice they eventually make.”