School flooded as boiler blows

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STUDENTS at Wavendon Gate School enjoyed an extended Christmas break this week after their classrooms flooded on Boxing Day.

A resident close to the school on Gregories Drive reported hearing rushing water in the school premises at around 8.30pm on Sunday, December 26.

Site manager Stephen Burns left his family dinner to attend to the matter, finding that one of the boilers had frozen and the pipes had burst, flooding the area.

He turned off the water before any more damage could be done, but much of the carpet has been destroyed.

Headteacher, Mrs Lyn Hollinshead and her staff came into school to help clear furniture and remove carpet so temporary flooring could be laid down.

With the damage and the disruption, the school had no choice but to close for the extra week.

Mrs Hollinshead said: “We put the message out as early as we could, so luckily only three students arrived at the gates, which out of 420 is very good.

“It was a complete disaster, but for a good samaritan who reported it and who left his family to attend we have kept disruption to a minimum.

“Tuesday was a training day for teachers, so everyone was helping to clear up ready for the new temporary flooring to come in.

“They are also coming in on Sunday to put things back in place so that there is as little disruption when the children return as possible.”

Mrs Hollinshead also paid tribute to the anonymous tipster who made the school aware of the problem.

She said: “We still don’t know who it is, but we are so grateful that they did – it could have been much worse.

The school will aim to be ready in time for opening on Monday, but is urging parents to visit the school’s website for any changes.