School places came too soon


A council blunder caused an Easter surprise for hundreds of parents waiting to hear about school admissions.

A mailroom mix up meant 1,200 letters confirming Year Three children’s places at city schools were sent out two weeks EARLY.

But while many parents celebrated – or commiserated if they did not get their desired school – a minority was left in the dark.

For 100 letters did not slip through the council’s mail system and were earmarked to arrive on the correct and much-publicised date of April 16.

“I couldn’t believe it when other parents said their letters had arrived on Tuesday,” said one mum who missed out.

“This meant all my son’s friends knew what school they were going to in September, but my son didn’t. It was totally unfair.

The mum phoned the council’s school admissions department in disgust.

“They admitted there had been a mistake and the letters were posted too early. But then they refused to tell me what school we’d been allocated.

“I tried to persuade them until I was blue in the face but it made no difference and they insisted I had to wait until April 16.”

But the following day the council changed its mind.

A spokesman told the Citizen: “We apologise for the confusion this has caused to those who both did and did not receive a letter. We have now posted all letters to inform the approximately remaining 100 remaining 
applicants of their outcome.”

The spokesman said the council was happy to give information over the phone to the letter-less parents. Alternatively the admissions portal has been opened early to enable people to view and accept the school places online.