School transport contract suspended by Milton Keynes Council

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141124-091628001

A company used to transport children to school has had its contract suspended by Milton Keynes Council.

A review into “weaknesses” in contract and award documentation has resulted in London Hire having its contract “temporarily suspended pending further investigation”.

The firm, which is based in the South East of the capital, is paid by MK Council to deliver a home to school transport’service.

There are approximately 270 home to school journeys supplied through the council’s Integrated Passenger Transport Unit (IPTU) however the council would not disclose how many of these were contracted to London Hire.

The council is currently looking into the procurement of home to school contracts and the contracting arrangements/structure of the service. It is over three months since it emerged a rapist was allowed to drive a city cab after being granted a licence by the council. However a spokesman said the review was not linked to the scandal.

They added: “As some suppliers for these services are taxi companies and drivers, additional checks were undertaken to ensure the new higher standards and checks recently put in place were being fully applied for these journeys. The suppliers are subject to taxi licensing requirements as well as further checks where journeys involve vulnerable passengers.

“The review is ongoing with improvements being made as matters progress.”

The council could not answer which company has taken over London Hire’s contract.

A spokesman for London Hire said the company would resume operating on “a number of routes” shortly.