Schoolchildren in Milton Keynes make a splash at Lancaster Volkswagen showroom

The young artists at the Lancaster Volkswagen showroom
The young artists at the Lancaster Volkswagen showroom

Talented young artists from Willen Primary School have had their artwork permanently displayed for all to see at the Lancaster Volkswagen Milton Keynes showroom.

Lancaster Volkswagen Milton Keynes tasked the children with creating artwork depicting their own vision of an electric Volkswagen of the future.

They developed the idea of ‘A Future Volkswagen: A car for all terrains and seasons’.

When designing their artwork, pupils considered how the design of Volkswagen cars has developed over the years, the current role electric models play and their potential future importance.

The children, parents and Art Teacher Lindsay Chard were welcomed to the business late last month to see their artwork proudly displayed on the wall of the ‘Electric Vehicle Hub’ within the showroom. The teachers were presented with a £750 cheque towards the school fund and each of the young artists received a book token as a thank you for their hard work.

The artist’s signatures are now displayed alongside their artwork.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to the children and teachers of Willen Primary School for taking part in this project and for their fantastic artwork,” said David Neal, Volkswagen Group marketing manager.

“The innovation and creativity showcased by the talented young artists is truly brilliant. Some of their suggestions even show how cars could possibly harness the Great British weather, to power a future Volkswagen, by converting the plentiful supply of rainwater into energy!”

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