Schoolchildren to take front row in anti-bully movie

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CITY schoolchildren are set to be big screen stars after appearing in an anti-bullying movie created in Milton Keynes.

Once Upon a Life will include pupils from Bishop Parker school in Bletchley and Cedars School in Newport Pagnell and focuses on a young boy who tracks down his bully to confront her on why she became that way.

It was created by Frank Scarito from Bletchley based Luca Design and took five years to create. However, it has already received a great response.

Frank, who suffered at the hands of a bully when he was in primary school, started out as a volunteer in 2003 at Bishop Parker teaching children to draw thanks to his graphic design background.

He soon moved on to songwriting and acting classes with the children and it took off, growing to incorporate stage shows and eventually the idea of a film was born.

Frank said: “We received funding from the Community Foundation and during the first year we put together a piece called One Upon a Bully.

“From there it grew and grew and we were writing more scenes with the project becoming much bigger. However, with a day job as well it becomes hard to devote every second to it. So I took a break but stayed in the project.”

“I had the acting club, I knew each child’s abilities and wrote the film around their talents. Now I just can’t wait to see the public’s reaction.”

The premiere will be held on November 23 at The Venue, Walton High School. Bullying ambassador, Alex Holmes will also be in attendance to give a talk at the event.

To see a clip of the film visit the YouTube page.

For the trailer visit this YouTube link.

For more information on the whole project visit the website.