Scrooge cuts will affect all

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THE multi-million pound cut the council is forced to make to its budget will have an impact on the entire city, councillors heard this week.

On Tuesday they began the grimly unfestive task of shaving a massive 34 per cent of the authority’s total spend over the next four years.

Finance boss Councillor Sam Crooks said: “We cannot make cuts of this scale without transforming the way that the council works.”

But he said it was “crucial” that the reductions should be driven by the council’s vision for Milton Keynes and its policies, not by figures.

He has also promised the public will have a say in what should or should not be cut.

“We’re all in this together... I want to launch a great debate in which the public will tell is what kind of city and borough they want to see and what they are prepared to pay for.”

Already Mr Crooks has indicated that business will be urged to ‘bail out’ city services where possible.

The list of proposed cuts, which includes everything from street lighting to libraries, has been published on Milton Keynes Council’s website.

The final decisions will be made in February.