Search for city’s wackiest laugh

funny laugh competition
funny laugh competition

A SEARCH for the city’s funniest LAUGH has been backed by the Citizen as a sure-fire way of making every reader chuckle.

Whether it’s a snort, a cackle, a titter or a big belly-wobbling guffaw, we want to hear it.

And we plan to brighten up the summer for everyone by publishing the best, the weirdest and the loudest laughter on our website.

Organised by the newly-opened The Greene Room, the competition is open to people of all ages, from giggling babies to perky pensioners.

The idea came from resident comedians who make audiences chuckle at Wednesday comedy nights held at the Theatre District bar. And, simply because it made us smile, it was promptly backed by the Citizen.

The Greene Room general manager Lucy Herlihy said: “There is just something about hearing a funny laugh that is infectious.

“Our comedy nights are packed with hundreds of different laughs, some louder than others, but they are all individually unique.

“Now we want to find the best laugh in Milton Keynes.”

Citizen editor Olga Norford said: “We all know somebody with a funny laugh, so now it’s time to capture that laugh on video for us all to share.

“With all the doom and gloom dominating the headlines we welcome something that will raise the spirits and make us all smile.”

Entries must be submitted by email to The best entries will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and the Citizen website.

The deadline for the competition is July 30 and the winning entry will be presented with a Funny Laugh Award and a year’s worth of VIP tickets for The Greene Room’s comedy nights.

Meanwhile for a giggle-inducing preview visit