Search giants buy up board games for Bletchley Park

Alan Turing Monopoly board
Alan Turing Monopoly board

GOOGLE has bought 1,000 special Monopoly sets and donated them to Bletchley Park.

The limited edition Alan Turing set now features locations significant to Turing’s life, including Bletchley Park and the Enigma Machine itself.

Even the bank notes feature Turing’s face, while the board features never-before seen pictures of him released by his family.

The game was developed from a unique original board in the Bletchley Park Museum, hand-drawn by William Newman, son of Turing’s mentor, Max, over sixty years ago.

In the special edition, the squares around the board and revised Chance and Community Chest cards tell the story of Alan Turing’s life along with key elements of the original hand-drawn board, which the great mathematician played on with a young William in the early 1950s – and lost.

Search giants Google, who have long supported Bletchley Park, bought 1,000 editions of the board game and donated them to help raise money for the facility. Stock is expected to arrive in November.

“Bringing this board to life has been one of the most exciting and unique projects we’ve been involved with here,” said Iain Standen, head of the Bletchley Park Trust.

“This edition really completes the fantastic story of the board, from it being played on by Turing (and his losing on it!), to it going missing and then being rediscovered and donated to the museum here.

“Of course, we’re also very proud that Bletchley Park adorns the ‘Mayfair’ square!”

Peter Griffin, Development Director EMEA, Winning Moves, added: “We hope fans of Turing across the globe will enjoy playing on this very special edition of Monopoly. Through play, they will find out more about

“Turing’s remarkable life and his crucial role shaping the society we enjoy today.

“As an ex-student of Kings College, where Turing himself studied, this was an honour to help develop.”