Search is on for escaped prisoner

David Gowing
David Gowing

POLICE are hunting a 22-year-old man from Milton Keynes man, who went missing after failing to return to Springhill Prison in Grendon Underwood near Aylesbury.David Gowing, originally from the Netherfield area went missing after spending a day at work as part of his rehabilitation. It is thought he may still have links to the area.

Gowing is 5ft 5ins, has blue eyes, dark brown hair and a number of tattoos on his arms.

PC Alan Nixon said: “Gowing is at an open prison and is on a programme that is preparing him for release, as he is not considered by Springhill Prison to be a risk to the public. We do not believe Gowing is dangerous or there is any reason for the public to be concerned, but we do want to return him to prison as soon as possible to complete his sentence.

“Although he absconded from Grendon Underwood he has no known associates in the Aylesbury area, we believe he is likely to have returned to Milton Keynes and be living in the community.

“Should any member of the public see him, I would ask them not to approach him, but to phone 999 as soon as possible.”