Second Cineworld carol service announced

Rev Paul Oxley promoting night time carol service to be held in Cineworld Xscape
Rev Paul Oxley promoting night time carol service to be held in Cineworld Xscape

A CHRISTMAS carol service with a difference has sold out – but plans for a second event have already been drawn up.

St Mark’s MK has taken the unusual step of holding its service in Cineworld on December 18.

The unusual event, which will combine the singing of songs with a rendition of the Christmas story and much waving of glow sticks, is set to start at 7pm.

St Mark’s MK is an Anglican church with a difference – mainly that it doesn’t actually have a building.

Members of the church meet at various events throughout the city, the latest of which will be the GlowMK carol service at Cineworld Xscape.

It has proven so popular that it sold out in a matter of days.

As a result organiser Reverend Paul Oxley has decided to add another service straight after the original one.

He said: “It’s true, the wise people have always been quick off the mark at Christmas time.”

“What better way to kick off Christmas than belting out some festive tunes in the comfort of a cinema?,” he added.

“We have a fantastic band who will be playing live and people from across the city are involved.”

St Mark’s was founded this summer and is, according to Revd Oxley, “a church for people who don’t normally go to church or think of themselves as religious.

“We don’t think of ourselves as religious either.”

The carol services will also include readings and a collection for the Toybox and MK-ACT charities.

Tickets for the second service, which starts at 8.30am, are already selling quickly.

Revd Oxley said: “We are in a time when many of us know real hardship and are facing uncertainty in our lives.

“In times like those I think something deep within us wants to search for hope, search for something that will not let us down.

“The baby in the manger is the answer many of us find for this search.”

Another congregation member added: “It is so exciting. Not only will it be great fun and something to celebrate this Christmas, but the chance to give back to a couple of charities is really important.”

To claim free tickets for the event people can visit the GlowMK website.