Secret love life of Milton Keynes’ suspended police chief is laid bare on social media

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Suspended police chief Gez Chiariello wove a web of lies about his tangled love life, it has been claimed.

The 46-year-old martial arts expert had a six-year secret affair with his former personal assistant Lauren Henson, sources allege.

“He stayed at Lauren’s house in MK during the week and went back to his wife and children in Worcestershire at weekends,” claimed one cop.

But the relationship turned sour when Mr Chiariello allegedly cheated on mistress Lauren 15 months ago – with young WPC Jess Lomax (pictured).

Ms Lomax is heavily pregnant and expecting his baby any day now.

Mr Chiariello’s wife, mum to their two young teenage children, is said to have started divorce proceedings.

Meanwhile, aggrieved mistress Lauren, who has since left her job as a civilian worker at MK police station, has let rip on Facebook .

In an emotive public post, she said: “I spent years of my life with someone who controlled me, manipulated me and verbally abused me, day in, day out. I spent every single day being interrogated, text after text, or phone calls. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you wearing? had to justify every single move I made and God forbid I stepped out of line...I would be called a slag, slut, bitch.”

Lauren’s post advises all women in an “abusive” relationship to “run, run, run.”

It continues: “You might ask why did I stay with him? Why didn’t I get out sooner? The thing about abuse is that you soon become conditioned by it. The daily torment becomes the norm.”

Sources say weekly commuter Mr Chiariello told his wife he was staying in hotels, when in fact he was staying with his mistress.

Other cops describe Mr Chiariello as a ladies man.

“He would chat up all the attractive females in the police station,” claimed one.

Officers claim the top cop boasted to them about fights he’d been in and told stories of how he was once a cage fighter.