Secret Millionaires urging Milton Keynes to go green

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GOING green has been made much easier by two television stars.

Paul Williams and Ben Way both appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’ and are offering people in Milton Keynes the chance to have free solar panels installed on their houses.

Both Paul and Ben are passionate about the environment and decided when they first met to launch a positive, environmentally friendly business together.

After four years and looking at all sorts of possibilities the result was Freetricity.

Seven hundred homes in the city will get the opportunity to apply for the free solar panels, with maintenance and installation included.

CEO of Freetricity, Paul Williams, said: “If all the people eligible for free solar panels in Buckinghamshire installed them, the carbon dioxide they would save would be the equivalent of planting two million trees, and in 25 years, they would save themselves more than £1 billion.”

He added: “This offer is completely free to the homeowner and I hope it will persuade people who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint but concerned about cost, that solar is a genuinely viable alternative to traditional energy sources.

“I’m a great believer in the importance of looking after the environment and I’m delighted that we are able to offer this great deal to local residents.

“By going green with Freetricity you could reduce your electricity bills by around 40 per cent.

Ben featured on the very first Secret Millionaire programme and Paul and his son Ben on the second.

Chief Technical Officer Ben added: “This really is a fantastic offer for homeowners in the county.

“We launched in Surrey a couple of weeks ago, and this deal has been so popular we decided to start rolling out the business across the South East so that others could benefit from it.

“Freetricity have had a financial vote of confidence from Lombard Finance who have backed us to the tune of £10 million.

“In addition, we have set up a partnership with AVC Group for installation – one of the largest most reliable and reputable installers in the business who are working in 2,500 homes across the UK every day.

“We are the only solar company in this part of the country able to offer completely free installation and maintenance with no cost to the homeowner.

“It really is a case of sign up before it’s too late”

For more information or to find out how to apply for the free solar panels, visit