Secret to stopping sick days?

Secret to stopping sick days? It's yoga before work, says MK business Sweat Studios.
Secret to stopping sick days? It's yoga before work, says MK business Sweat Studios.

A Milton Keynes business believes it may hold the secret to cutting absence rates among sickly staff.

Sweat Studios, based at The Hub, believes a yoga workout before heading to your desk could help employees stay fit and healthy, increasing productivity and boosting the local economy.

Figures released by the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD) revealed that, nationally, the average employee took 6.6 days off ill in 2014, with stress cited as a common cause for absences.

Sweat Studios will be holding an open week from June 22-26, giving workers the chance to experience yoga in complimentary taster sessions either before they head to the office or during their lunch break.

The move is part of Sweat’s Campaign for Real Yoga, which aims to demonstrate its health and fitness benefits and accessibility.

Founder Kirsty Lowe said: “As a small business owner I know at first hand the importance of having a fit and healthy staff. Having a couple of people off sick can be a massive problem.

“We’re on a mission to get Milton Keynes workers fitter and healthier, helping the city’s businesses to grow.

“Yoga can have a huge effect on your working day. It is a complete workout, you become fitter, slimmer, more energetic, less stressed out and happier. The open week will give people who perhaps haven’t considered it before to give it a go.”

Exact costs of sickness rates can depend on the size of the employer but, according to the CIPD research, the median cost of workplace absence of those surveyed who had financial records was £609 per employee per year.

Neill Boddington, Healthy Workplace Advisor at LGSS (Local Government Shared Services), said: “Having a fit and healthy workforce can make a huge difference to a business. It’s important to have all your team available to get the work done professionally and efficiently.

“Anything that encourages employees to get active and prepare in the best possible way for the working day ahead should be welcomed.”

The free class offer is open to anyone and can be used to try one of Sweat Studios’ 7am-8am or 12.30pm-1.15pm sessions. There is no need to book, just turn up.

To choose a class, check out the timetable at