Serial poo poster strikes again at Milton Keynes postbox

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Royal Mail have been forced to seal up a postbox for public health reasons - because somebody keeps posting human POO in it.

The foul saga started last October when two post boxes in Galley Hill were found to be smeared with excrement.

At first it was assumed to be a nasty prank with dog mess, said Alderman Paul Bartlett.

“But then it was discovered it was human poo. It makes one’s stomach turn,” he said.

Since then - despite warnings that police and Royal Mail are investigating, the phantom poo-er has struck several times.

All the post boxes have been in the Galley Hill area.

Last week residents were disgusted to find the culprit has struck again on the estate.

The incident has been reported to police.

There was even a “fake poo” attack, where lumps of mud were posted inside another box.

Mr Barlett, who is a member of Stony Stratford Town Council, is now asking for CCTV to be installed in strategic places and also for DNA tests to be carried out in a bid to catch the offender.

Residents believe the same person is responsible for human poo being found in nearby back gardens.

“Whoever it is really sick and disturbed. Why on earth would they want to do this to people?” said one.

Royal Mail have now cleaned and sealed up the most recently targeted box until police catch the culprit.

“We cannot put the the public, our staff or mail at risk,” said a local manager.

“There is no other option open to us for employee and public safety/health than to seal the box temporaily until Thames Valley Police. Employee and public safety and health are paramount.”