Serial rapist may walk city streets

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A MAN described as one of the most prolific and dangerous rapists in Britain could soon be walking the streets of Milton Keynes.

Self-confessed control fiend Richard Baker was jailed for life 12 years ago for attacking 12 women in just seven months.

But this month he was freed from prison to start the rehabilitation process at Chadwick Lodge, a medium secure unit on Eaglestone.

Here, it is understood part of his rehab therapy will be learning to mix with members of the public on regular trips out.

Baker, described in court as “depraved and wicked, was 34 when he was arrested in 1998.

A good-looking charmer, he was working as a DJ in Torremolinos, the popular Costa del Sol holiday resort.

He had already been in prison for raping a 19-year-old girl in North Devon 10 years earlier and he had also been convicted of having sex with an underage 15-year-old girl.

But despite his reputation as a woman magnet at the holiday resort, Baker could not resist striking again, the court heard.

He slipped the rape drug Rohypnol into the drinks of unwitting women and attacked them while they were unconscious.

Chillingly, he told the court; “I just wanted to be totally, totally in control. I tried to terrorise my victims, tried to put so much fear into them.

“I just wanted to see their reaction, wanted to be in control, wanted to make sure they didn’t resist me and put up a fight and struggle.,”

Baker was finally arrested when Spanish police connected a series of reports of rape.

They were convinced he was a obsessive psychopath who was capable of killing.

One officer said: “In my 30 years as a police officer I have never been so worried about the actions of one individual as I was about Richard Baker.

“He is a time bomb. I am convinced that one day he would have killed.”

At his Old Bailey trial in June 1999 Baker was found guilty of 13 offences involving 12 women.

He was given four life sentences and the judge told him : “Above all I have the general public to think of.”

This week a spokesman for the Priory Group, which runs Chadwick Lodge, said it would be inappropriate to identify or discuss any individual using its “highly respected” services.

She added: “ Chadwick Lodge hospital is a secure hospital offering assessment and treatment to mentally disordered offenders.”


The above article about convicted rapist Richard Baker (Serial rapist may walk city streets, September 29) reported that he drugged women with Rohypnol and attacked them while they were unconscious.

In fact, the claim that Baker drugged his victims did not form part of the prosecution’s case at his Old Bailey trial in 1999. We have also been asked to clarify that the offences for which Baker was convicted were not perpetrated in Spain, nor were Spanish police responsible for his arrest. We are happy to clarify the position, and apologise for the inaccuracy.