Seven bags full for supermarket team

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A COMMUNITY-MINDED supermarket organised a litter tidy up across the city – and was appalled at how much rubbish was found.

Bosses at Bletchley’s Asda employ their own Community Life Champion, Adele Johnson, whose remit is to help out all over Milton Keynes.

Adele recruited a team of four local teenagers to help her with the Big Tidy Up.

She organised a cab to pick the young people up after school and they were presented with a roll of bin bags and litter pickers.

“Our aim was to walk to Beanhill and do the litter pick there. But on the way we found an unbelievable amount of rubbish,” said Adele, who is also training to become a youth worker.

“The rubbish all seemed to be McDonalds or KFC wrappers.

“We picked up seven bags of litter on the redway – and even a microwave that somebody had dumped there.”

Asda is already gearing up for its next community event, which will be a Disney-theme day at the store.

Guest of honour will be blind toddler Brooke Chilton, who will be a Disney Princess.

Brooke’s family launched an appeal to raise £50,000 for a pioneering treatment in China that would enable Brooke to see for the first time.

The treatment involves ‘growing’ Brooke’s stunted optic nerves with stem cells.

Citizen readers have already donated thousands of pounds towards the appeal. Donations can be made online at

Meanwhile Adele, who organised an Asda collection day for the appeal in the summer, is planning more fund-raising events.

“We are working very closely with Brooke’s family and hope this will raise her profile even more,” she said.