Sex fiend guilty of abusing teen

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A PERVERT who abused a 13-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault.

The mother of the victim, who comes from Milton Keynes, told the Citizen the experience had been ‘horrendous’.

She was speaking after Christopher Stovold appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court yesterday morning.

Stovold, 60, had been due to appear before Judge Francis Sheridan for the first day of a three-day trial.

But the interior designer from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire – who had previously admitted two of the charges – changed his not guilty plea on a third to guilty, meaning the trial was not needed.

Stovold admitted two charges of indecent assault and one count of indecency with a child.

The offences took place in Milton Keynes when the victim, now 17, was only 13 years old.

Among other things Stovold had kissed the girl, by inserting his tongue into her mouth, as well as stroking her neck and body.

The judge said he did not know how a man could ‘kiss a child in this way’.

The girl’s mother told this newspaper: “I still can’t get over it. I really, really can’t.

“It has been horrendous. When my daughter first said that he had kissed her I wanted the floor to swallow me up.

“She is fantastic. I’m really proud of her.

“I’m really pleased she didn’t have to go through the witness box.”

Talking about yesterday’s result, she added: “I am absolutely ecstatic. He’s getting what he deserved. My daughter has got justice.

“The more people who know about him the more shame it will be. Stovold wanted to be famous. Now he is.”

Stovold will now appear before the same court on June 15 for sentencing.

Judge Sheridan said the victim would be welcome to appear on that day as it may help give her closure.

Stovold will also be forced to sign the Sex Offenders Register and as part of his bail had restrictions placed on his movements in Milton Keynes.

The girl’s mother encouraged anyone who is currently experiencing or has previously been the victim of sexual abuse to come forward.

“My daughter didn’t want to say anything because she thought people wouldn’t believe her.

“But the police were excellent. There is no reason why anybody needs to be silent.

“They do take kids seriously and will do something about it.”