Sex for sale, if you’re disabled

Becky Adams
Becky Adams

MILTON Keynes’ most famous Madam is set to flummox city officials by opening the world’s first non-profit making ‘brothel’ exclusively for disabled people.

Becky Adams, who has decades of experience in the sex industry, insists it would be ILLEGAL under discrimination laws to close down her cleverly-named Para-Doxies service.

To be run from a secret location in Milton Keynes and fitted with ramps and hoists, it will help people with disabilities, the elderly and the terminally ill “fulfil their sexual needs and improve the quality of their lives”, she says.

The service will include home visits to private houses, care homes and even hospices.

Ms Adams, 44, ran Becky’s Kittens escorts from above a Bletchley bank for years before retiring to write her award-winning memoirs, titled Madam, Prostitutes, Punters and Puppets.

This month she unexpectedly came out of retirement to begin setting up Para-Doxies and is currently fund-raising to generate the necessary £50,000.

“Para-Doxies will not be an escort agency. We are a not-for-profit organisation with no government funding or interference,” she said.

“We believe that people with disabilities and those with terminal illnesses should have the same access to sexual experiences and adventures as the able-bodied.

“Happily some health professionals who work with disabled people are waking up to the fact that some of their clients really need this.”

Ms Adams says it is legal for a health professional to arrange the purchase of sexual services on behalf of a client who requests it.

To check any legalities, she has her own team of lawyers to liaise with future clients’ trustees or care workers on the relevant UK laws and European Human Rights legislation.

She describes Para-Doxies plan as a Sexual Enabling Service rather than a brothel, and refers to her employees as “body workers” rather than prostitutes.

“We also have people called enablers to help disabled couples who would otherwise have problems. Many of our workers are volunteers and work free of charge,” she said.

Ms Adams even plans to set up a bursary fund to help pay for disabled clients to travel to and from the Para-Doxies ‘clinic’.

One city politician, who was reluctant to be named, said: “It’s a tricky one and, on the face of it, because of discrimination legislation, seems to get around the laws concerning brothels and sex workers.

“My main concern would be that the clients could be vulnerable and should not be exploited.”